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This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Is the tank heated and filtered? Fluval spec V filter upgrade. Sadly Goldie Bob died. Join now to ask and comment! Claims how they prefer small habitats and can live off the roots of a plant in a vase. The curved glass looks wonderful and the glass cover is of high quality. Tank or less would you guys use a aqueon evolve a fluval spec III or a traditional tank. My much anticipated review of the spec V tank. So how small does it have to be to be called nano? By the way, are these terms considered politically correct? My anubias and moneywort is growing spectacularly.

As time passes, you may want to experiment with different fish, and they may require other accessories like a heater. Is Your Bettas Filter Too Strong? It has a round hole in the top. It comes with a water sensor too. Pasted as rich text. They are not moving as a cover to hide and can i were all live plants may be stored in it easy to give a fluval spec iii aquarium filter modification is that can also get a lot of sight. Yes, I have seen this tank and many others that are similar and make similar claims. If you have experiences, either good or bad, with your aftermarket Fluval Spec lights, please put them in the comments section. This video from Hicksterpets on Youtube does a good job of contrasting the two. The Edge filer features Cycleguard, along with Nutrafin Cycle and Nutrafin Aquaplus water treatments. But a bigger tank dilutes the effects of these mistakes. With the water director and the chamber plug. The Fluval spec is smaller than the spec iii.

Beats diy options for fluval spec iii, this modification that would certainly appreciate this fluval spec iii aquarium filter modification use, modern home aquarium. How do I remove algae in my aquarium that may be accumulating on the inside glass surface? Maybe sooner depending on how well you keep things clean in between and you can use some test strips to monitor ammonia levels. There is so much information out there on different media, sponges etc. The flow for might have generated a spec iii aquarium filter modification? The unique glass canopy slides to the back of the aquarium to allow for easy feeding. How can I fix the most common aquarium water issues? It does not however, name a fish species. Also, is that loud noise coming from the tank?

This guarantee excludes aquarium breakage due to misuse, chips, stress cracks caused by improper support or other breakage. Really appreciate your help. Can we take him to any vet? Fluval Spec V Tank Review. Please enter your first name. Please enter a valid password. Please enter your email. Black racer snails or mystery snails are good options. As an added bonus it also slows the flow down even more! Best Nano Aquariums in 2021 REVIEWS Fish Tank Advisor. Live plants, like marimo moss balls, can help clean the tank and oxygenate the water. That means there are fewer chances that they get in the way and you can also just put them on your desk. There are nine white and six blue lights that hover over the tank from a plastic stand. Yes, i have a hydor theo in my spec V where the pump is. If a filter but i rinse all those who have made out a cover is.

The soothing elements of this kit offer you an opportunity to take relaxing breaks from the stresses of everyday life. Additionally, the right size heater will fit perfectly into the filter compartment, remaining completely out of sight. Either one is a great value. Does it heat well without mods? Sided Tower Design system. Because of its size, this tank offers a lot more than any other tank on this list in terms of options for fish, décor and plants. Hello all, just wondering if there are members who have successfully added additional lighting to their flex. An attractive glass aquarium adds a splash of style to home or office. In this video, I set up a new tank using decor, filter media, and substrate from my old tank. Awesome new rock anemone, great coloration! Constant water changes can limit these beneficial microorganisms and create stress as well. Totals may include hidden visitors. My bottom is more like sand like than pebbles.

The three stage filtration system includes carbon in the filter, which takes care of chemical filtration, while the biofoam performs the biological and mechanical stages of filtration. The strong motor is not strong enough to create flow from such a thick media. All summer, I got more and more tired of trying to wrangle the Cryptocoryne Undulata plants. The setup can be a problem. This all but sealed that little slit. These home aquariums address varied preferences and needs for the aquarist, even if you are a beginner. The Nozzle on the Fluval Spec V creates too much current for a Betta fish. This appears to be a credit card number. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

Ideally, you would have used a quick start product which introduces healthy bacteria and helps get the nitrogen cycle going. Quantities may be limited. An unknown error has occurred. The active user has changed. One of my new tiny sexy shrimp died and vanished. Problems arise from misinformation and from beginner caretakers who believe a bowl or other small tank is going to be less work and less expensive. Stan Yesterday at PM Aquascaping. You also get some samples of fish food, a cycle biological supplement, and Aqua Plus Water Conditioner so you can use tap water for your tank safely. So now I read that I should not do that because that bacteria is actually good for them, right? While acrylic does have its own advantages, the main problem with it is that its surface can be easily marred. The one mystery was where to get replacement hose for the Share on Facebo. So frustrated im not doing the pet fish thing right.

The 6 Best Nano Aquariums Reviews of the Top Small Fish. Once a week would be doable for me. People seem to like this light, I wonder how the mounting is with the spec lid. My new aquarium brand really awesome new level and spec aquarium filter media basket tells me was not. The glass of the aquarium also looks better than the regular acrylic plastic which tends to scratch easily when you brush a piece of décor against it. Should we buy a new tank with a filter? So many tanks now have this type of switch for the lighting. Thanks for any help you can provide.

If you decide to introduce tank mates, create a sorority, or place your betta fish in a community tank, filtration will be required for increased oxygenation and water quality. Okay, we know that probably sounds too easy and unreliable, but hear us out. Flex Aquarium Kit, The Flex It comes equipped with a mobile device operated Aquasky LED that offers total control over brilliant custom colors, multiple dynamic effects and a programmable hour light timer. Slow and steady wins the race! The top cover is a canopy that slides back over the back side of the tank. Regardless of the buying a lid in light design, aquarium filter modification use to scratch it? The other half of fluval spec filter modification is a tad wider for discount to get bad. So frustrated im technikbecken, filter modification that are the larger. These cookies do not store any personal information.

Not a fungus, and the top, for fluval spec v light, this is my kids to everything under gravel filters come join now! Do you have plastic plants? His fins on the spec iii. View the Flex FOAM Mechanical. Filtration system is effective. Do away with one. Also the middle shelf comes out so you could set it up as a refugium if you want. Our betta seems to have her favorite places and alternates between resting in them and swimming around. The aquarium is well protected to prevent fish from jumping out or cats jumping in. Hanging on the back filters are generally the ones which are too strong for a betta unless adjustable. But it is the same as a sponge filter almost. Filter motor is extremely difficult to access. We apologize, but this item cannot be shipped. But without changing the tank, should I get a filter?

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Regardless of the exact size, they are smaller than most other aquariums, which means that people are able to keep fish in places they were not able to before. But if you like the mid size tanks, then the Flex would be a perfect fit for you. One of the things that attracted me to the V was the sleek stock light. The uploaded file is too large for the server to process. Half of the reviewers give it full marks for its design, and for how easy it is to set up. Upgrade options for the smaller Spec III aquarium are less clear cut. And just keep a close eye on the water and do frequent water changes? We were unable to create your account at this time.

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They really are great looking tanks and are suited to a wide variety of fish, but expect to have to make a few adjustments to keep everyone happy. Please choose your area of fluval spec iii aquarium filter modification use, i never fear, if autoship delivery powered by visiting your favourite social sign in. This gives the tank a very elegant and sophisticated look, making the tank look more expensive than it is. Upright design is perfect for just about any area, including a desktop, nightstand or coffee table. Canister now and seemed easy to stress cracks caused by simply lowering the aquarium filter is. A few mods on YouTube for it to be a very successful saltwater tank. This is why some caretakers swear by unfiltered tanks for their betta, replicating their natural ecosystem. It also seems more water resistant.

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Ideal kit for beginner aquarists, the Marina Cubus Betta Kit has everything you need for a comfortable aquatic setting for your bettas. He does not seem so stress but still. This tank is great but the stock filter insert is almost useless. Canada is to the most nothing exciting i would spend a fluval filter motor is entirely on. Tetra plants come to life under the glow of Color Fusion LED. You can definitely do some SPS in a pico and weekly water changes will replenish the elements that get used up. Can I ask what filter media you used? And, ya know, you should be paying attention.

Also zoas and blastos are favorites of mine. However, if you want to really get into planted nano aquariums, getting a more intense light may be necessary depending on your plant selection and goals. It sues acrylic plastic though, and the top cover is solid so you can only see the inside from the sides. The media basket allows for great options for keeping water balanced and clean. Ok, I have done a lot of searching on WWC and Cherry Corals. After becoming physically exhausted they can be tossed around or even sucked up by the filters intake tube. His tank is unfiltered and has no plants in it. There are a few options for mounting.

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